The Gaslighting GOP

By the Golden Door

lt has been two day’s since my last posting on the Crises of the Children on the border and the Gaslighting of America by the Trump-GOP.  I’m particularly talking about all of the miss labeling of what is being done by the Trump Administration in the name of the American People.

Just today I read about Speaker Paul Ryan saying that it those Democrats who our upset are more interested in ‘open borders’ than the immigrants.  I am talking about FLOTUS flying down to see ‘first hand’ how the children are being treated and given a Tour of a ‘Potemkin’ facility while  wearing a jacket with “I don’t really care, Do U” on the back. Or Fox News, Brightbard, or InfoWars telling everyone that the detention facilities are like ‘Summer Camp’ in the face of the Administration’s own hand out pictures.

Gaslighting is many things, but one of them is making such bald faced lies that no reasonable person will believe they are being made.  That you must have misunderstood ‘cause no one could say that.  Fortunately the American People are not having anything of it, except for the diehard Trump supporters/sycophant who are willing to accept anything as long as it advances their goals.

This is America the land that was built by Immigrants, many of whom were fleeing oppression and tyrany just as the people that AG Sessions and President Trump want to treat as common criminals.

I know not what others may do or say, but as for me, give me open hearted immigrant over the cold hearted ‘True’ American any day.