The Tzar and Trump

It may just be the SciFi fan in me but somehow I can’t help but see the irony of what is happening now with Pres. Trump and what happened a hundred years ago in Saint Petersburg.  What is different is that the GOP has the opportunity to keep the government from falling with the leader.  Let me be clear that I feel that Pres. Trump will go the way of Tzar Nicholas II, I don’t.  I’m not even willing to say Pres. Trump will go the way of Pres. Nixon.  Flatly, I don’t have nearly enough information yet to make that prediction.

Pres. Trump like Tzar Nichols II is someone who should have never had the job.  The difference is that Nicholas didn’t ask for the job and Trump did.  It should be obvious to all who have eyes that see that Donald J. Trump has no clue how to be President.  He is doing exactly what he told us he would do, he is trying to run the United States like a closely held company.  A company where the Boss/Owner gets to do what ever he wants, anyway he wants.  The problem is, the United States is not a company, neither closely held nor public.  The boss doesn’t get to do or say what ever he wants when ever he wants to ever he wants.  There are other people with nearly as much power as the President and there are organizations of equal power that can and will oppose the President if need be. The President is not an autocrat and can not long act like an autocrat before other people in positions of power will bring this to his attention.  Otero in a most forceful and unkind manner.

What’s worse is Pres. Trump doesn’t seem to understand that the one thing the President can not do is make the Presidentcy loose its dignity.  POTUS is not just another owner/operator of a company.  He is not just the face of a company, he is not even the face of the government.  POTUS is first and foremost the head of state of the United States of America.  POTUS must not only be dignified but be seen to be dignified.  An one thing dignity requires is loyalty to those who work for you.  You must always show respect for those beneath you and the work they do.  You can not send them out to say one thing, one day, and then publicly say the exact opposite the next day.  This is not dignity, this is arrogance.