Trump & Paris

So, Pres. Trump has gone and done it.  He kept his promise to all those people who supported him because they think that doing something about Global Climate change has or will do something to harm him.  This action was not just taken for the benefit of the coal industry.  Pres Trump, or perhaps some of his advisors know that the causes of the decline of the use of coal and the consequently decline of the coal industry has little or nothing to do with the effort to do something about global warming.

It has been known for a very long time, on the order of 150+ years, that the burning of coal is very very dirty.  Just read some of the old Victorian novels if you doubt me, they have many a colorful passage about the coal smoke of the industrial cities.  Some even have graphic bits about the coal ash mountains and the effect on the lovely little village that was destroyed by the ash slide.  No, what Pres. Trump did today has a much more sinister foundation.

I submit that Pres. Trump withdrew from the Paris Accords for two simple political reasons that had little to do with economics or climate.  He withdrew to distract the media and the public from  maelstrom that has been his administration and that is threatening to gain in ferocity next week.  He also took today’s action to try and  shore-up his weakening political base, both in the country and in the Congress.  We will have to wait and see if this, in fact achieves it’s goals.

Personally, I think it will be just one more loose tree being thrown around in the coming EF5 that our dear President has been ignoring.