Where’s the KaBoom?! There’s supposed to be an earth-shatering KaBoom?

wheres-the-kaboom-theres-supposed-to-be-an-earth-shattering-kaboom-marvin-the-martian-12-21-12Like Marty Martian many of the lame stream media were/are expecting an earth-shatering explosion when the Senate Democrats went and changes the rules on the Senate Republicans.  What really happened is more like a preemptive strike with an EMP than the kaboom people think about when they heard ‘Nuclear Option’.

All that really has happened is that the majority (aka Democrats) in the Senate changed the rules of the Senate to reflect the customs & traditions or the US Senate before the election of Pres. Obama.  Before 2009 it was the custom in the Senate to not filibuster or put a hold on a presidential nominee unless there was specific reasons to do so and that these reasons would be made public.  The holds by an individual senator was only honored if the senator was from the same State as the nominee.  None of this has been honored by the Senate GOP since 2009 as any objective review of the record shows.

Finally, most Democrats have gotten to the point that they feel if the Republicans do gain control of the Senate next year in the mid-terms, that they will changes the Senate rules on Filibuster anyway.  After all, it today’s atmosphere in Washington, “sauce for the goose is definitely not sauce for the gander”.