A small Policy Update

Death Dealer

It has been suggested to me that I explain an action I, and chief cook and bottle washer of this blog just what has been going on here the last few weeks. I was reading up on both spam and other hacking activities in preparation for the coming election when I read about some ‘bots’ using blog pages like mine to post to carry out some of their nefarious activities. In checking out all of the “people” who had become users I noticed that other than two people I know are actual people (I’ve seen them in the flesh) no a one had actually posted anything. Not a comment one. So after installing some new anti spam Plugins and tools I did some checking.

Everyone was either a known Spammer site, Hacker site, or quite questionable. So I deleted them all. To anyone else who wants to add comments to my posting, and I’d love to have them. I’m now asking you to post a comment on this ore some other posting so I know you are not a Bot. Otherwise, if you just want to ‘lurk’ you still can, but you may get yourself deleted. Sorry but it is all part of my effort to fight Russian et al interference.