All we have to Fear is Fear itself!

TrumpAfter listening to acceptance speeches for almost 50 years, I started way back in 1968, I have to say this is the most frightening speech I’ve ever heard.  That said, Mr. Trump gave one of his best speeches ever.  BUT I have NEVER heard one filled with more hate, fear, vitriol, lies and half truths.

Those who know me know that I usually only compare current political speakers to fascist of the 1930’s except when I’m being very snarky.  Like many students of the politics I have listen to many of the speeches of Hitler, Mussolini, and oddly enough a couple of Franco.  While I don’t speak any of the languages I did get several different translations version while I paid attention to the sound and delivery.  An the speech given tonight had way too much hate and fear. It played to the lowest qualities of the American electorate.  It told us to be afraid, be very afraid, and here is why you should be afraid.  He then, on and off thru the speech, gave us half truths, lies, and damn lies.  I have not heard such a pack of drek since the last time I went to an Amway meeting.

Let me say this clearly, Trump is a master liar.  He mixes half truths, with little lies and then goes on to the bald face lies which he then drives his message home.  Vote for me because I’m the Answer.  I will save you from all of the monsters I’m telling you that are in your closet, and under your bed.  About the only thing he did not throw in was the Zombie  Apocalypse, but he did talk long and hard about the great government conspiracy.

All I can say in response is to remember what one of our greatest and once  upon a time  one of the most hated by conservatives:  “All we have to Fear, is Fear itself”.