Interesting Times in Post-Truth America

Donald Trump hasn’t even taken the oath of office yet and he is already making things interesting.  First it was his victory tour speech at Courier about keeping jobs in the USA that was ‘misunderstood’ by the MSM (Main Stream Media) an then his taking a phone call from the President of Taiwan on Friday.  Seems either his  foreign policy advisers didn’t tell him just how sensitive the PRC is about Taiwan or he didn’t listen and/or understand.  Or, just maybe he just doesn’t care one way or the other.

In all cases it does seem to show just how well organized his administration is going to be.  I fear that we are in for an administration almost as well organized and run as Pres. Warren G. Hardens.  I also fear that we will have just about the same results.  This is not me making a prediction, I’ve sworn off trying to predict anything since the election, just me stating what I fear.

What I can say is that given what some of Mr. Trump’s surrogates have said and what he himself has said that we can not take ANYTHING he says at face value, much less literally.  What Americans need to do is follow the following simple postulates

1) Trump is ALWAYS right and never makes a mistake or error

2) That constancy is the bugaboo of small minds

3) Credit always follows up and blame always follow down

I’m sure I will have some more later but these will do to start.  As you can see using theses three postulates Donald Trumps recent statements are perfectly understandable.  It just takes a little work on your part.  If your having trouble I recommend the following three books:


Alice in Wonderland

Through the Lookingglass and what Alice found there

An now we see why Angles Weep.