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The Great Memo


The Great Seal of the United States (Reverse)


For the last few days I have been following all of the talk about the House Memo alleging that there is a ‘secret society’ in the FBI, JD, Federal Government that is out to destroy the Trump Administration.  For over 50 years now I have been hearing about ‘Secret Societies’ that are controlling or seeking to control our government.


If my memory doesn’t fail me my first exposure to this mind set was when a member of the John Birch Society gave me a copy of “None Dare Call it Treason” back in 1964.  Over the years I have made it a bit of a hobby to keep track of all of the stories, myths, and legends of ‘Secret Societies’.  Right here let me  reveal  that I was/am a member of DeMolay, a boys club of the Masons.  Some of the stories have a basis  in fact in that the societies like Massons or the Illuminati do and did exits.  Beyond that I have never found anything to support any of the wilder plots that any of these societies are accused of.

Most of the things you will hear about Secret Societies is pure fiction, some are written as entertainment (like the Da Vinci Code) and others are written with a darker purpose (like The Protocols of the Elders of Zion).  I can, with some confidence, state that the Davin Nunes Memo does not fall in the first category and I hope and pray it doesn’t fall in second.

The Davin Nunes memo could just be a very poorly thought out political maneuver to protect both the Congressional GOP and the Trump Administration.  I hope it is.  If taken too far it has the potential to cause extreme damage to the FBI, the Justice Department, and strangely enough, the Republican Party.  There may be something with the name Republican Party after this is all plaid out but it will not be the political party anyone alive now will recognize. It will be the “Party” that does all for power and will see nothing wrong with using slogans like “War is Peace”.  An this nation will be the less for it.

When I was born, 1951, this nation was just ending the nightmare now known as the McCarthy Era and I had hoped that I would not see the likes of it again but that was not to be.  We are facing the start of a new era of terror, the Trump Era.  What this new Era will be like I can not tell but I still have hope.  There is still time for the people to stand up and say “NO!  I will not let you get away with it!”  If you want to see just how we, the people, can stop the Trump Era before it gets started the watch  A Report on Sen. Joe McCarthy  and Point of Order  to see what can be done.