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True Colors

Yesterday we got to see the true colors of Senate Majority Leader McConnel and it wasn’t  pretty .   During the heated debate over the Ratification of fellow Senator Jeff Sessuins to be our next AG he invoked rule 19 to force Senator Warren to sit down and shut out.  The cause of his outrage was Senator Warren reading into the record a letter from Cotetta Scott King,  opposing Sessions nomination to a federal judgeship back in the 1980’s.  Then, in the exact same debate, Senator Jeff Merkley (D-Or) read in the exact same letter, with the exact same wording with out so much as a peep out of the  sensitive Majority Leader. (Please note that there are, as of this writing, multiple reports of other Senators also reading into the record this same letter)

The Senator has shown to all his true Colors, now all we need to do is figure out what those colors are.  To aid in this I would like to quote the worlds greatest detective:

Once you have  eliminated the impossible,

What ever is left  hast  to be the answer .

Given that this letter has been read into the Senate record with out objection by two other Senators, both men, it is safe to say it was not just the verbiage of the letter that so offended the Honorable Senator. If it had been he should have also risen in objection to both Senator Merkly and Udal.  He did not!

So if it was not the text of the letter it has to have been something else, such as the delivery or the person reading.  As to the delivery of the reading of the letter what I have heard of Senator Warrens read, while it was not in the classic style of reading something into the record for forms sake, that is a dry,  bored drone we all know so well.  The worst that can be said it was forceful and  impassioned. So I can see nothing in the delivery that would call for invoking Rule 19.

So what are we left with, either it was Senator Warren, herself that the Majority Leader found objectionable or it hast to be that it was a woman who was saying these things.  At this moment I have no evidence to decide which is right.  So I ask you Senator McConnel, which is it?

Was it that you could not stand a mere female saying something about a fellow man and you thought in this new age of Trump no one would dare call it out?

Or was this just you exercising your power in a small petty way to embarrass a fellow senator you happen to be at odds with?