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We’re not Visigoths

Visigoths Sack Rome

With his Terrible Tweets this weekend threatening to target historical and cultural sites in Iran President Donald J. Trump has shown just what kind of deplorable person he is. I use the word ‘deplorable’ here advisedly. Anyone who wants to take exception and say I shouldn’t call them deplorable, in most case I am not. I am, thought, calling Donald J. Trump a Deplorable person and disavowing this kind of action.

Unlink the people in history like the Huns, Vandals, or Goths who were, in fact, uncivilized barbarians, we, Americans, are not. We do not have the excuse of not reconnecting just what we would be destroying if we do target such sites. These historical/cultural places are not just Iranian, they belong to all the people of the word. An while people like Pres. Trump can not understand this, these sites can not be monetized. They are, literally beyond price. To be responsible for any kind of damage to them is horrible. To do it deliberately is a true crime against humanity.

So lets not forget that the United States has said it would not, not ever, deliberately harm, in any way historical/cultural sites, EVER. That we, the Unites States call out any action that would deliberately target, much less damage, historical/cultural sites as a “War Crime”. Yes, we have done it in the past, and every time we have had to pay a price in reputation much higher than anything we gained in doing it. It is time for the People of the United States to remember just who we are and what we stand for. We must face the question “Are we Americans or are we Vandals?”

In closing I will state this very clearly. Any one, American or not, who supports President Trump in targeting any Historical/Cultural site is just as responsible and just as Deplorable as he is.

The Munich Effect

Yes, I know I’m breaking the ‘sacred’ rule of not citing Nazis in internet post if I’m not to be considered a nut case. But as we learned in school, sometimes break a rule is the best way to make a point. My point here is not what you may think it is. I’m not saying anyone is a Nazi. I’m saying the USA is going to be look at as trustworthy as France and England after they threw Czechoslovakia to the wolves in 1938.

What our government has done, and even though I don’t support anything that the current administration has done, it still is MY government of MY country. What Pres. Trump has done to the Kurd’s in our name is totally despicable. The Word of the United States means Nothing now. No Nation, no people, no person can take anything this government says valid. We will only stand behind our promises if and only if we loose nothing and gain something.

So I say to all the MAGA Trump supporters out there something my mother used to say to me when I had done something particularly bad. “Now aren’t you just so proud?” Look at just what you have done. It is all yours and we, the other people of this nation are going to remember just what your ‘Great Leader’ has done to the rest of us. So don’t come crying that you are ‘misunderstood’ or your ‘being picked on’, or “didn’t know”. None of that maters now. It ‘Fish or cut bait’ time for you all. Does your word mater to you at all? If it does you have to MAKE your Representatives and Senators know that they will be held both culpable as well as responsible come the elections. Not only the one coming next year but for all those Senators who ‘Know’ they are safe because they aren’t up for re-election for 2 or 4 years. Remind them that sometimes the electorate remembers. Sometimes it rejects bald faced lairs.

Or you can keep on supporting Pres. Trump and we will have Hard proof that all your cries of Love of Country and of your Undying Patriotism are no more true than the lies your ‘Great Leader’ tells you and tried to tell us. We don’t believe you any more and we are not buying it any more. You’ve had it. We are done.

For all those ‘Conservatives’ who left the Republican Party when Donald Trump was Elected, or even those who left when he was Nominated. It is time to act or everything you thought you stood for has been shown to be nothing but dross. Not worth the paper it is printed upon. You thought the wilderness that the party faced after Nixon was bad? What is coming is going to be much worse. An don’t go thinking you will get another RR to save you. Where are you going to find him? Non of the current crop of GOP/Conservative up and comers has shown even half the backbone RR had. Trust me when I say this, I was a Regan Democrat, both for Gov. and for Pres. We might disagree with his position but we knew his word was good. At least for a while. Now, who among you has any kind of word anyone take. Just name one who could run in 2024? Just one.

For all the rest of America, now is our time! We know what to do. We know how to do it. We have done it before and we can do it again. Countries in far worse condition have show just what an aroused electorate can do. To my fellow Baby Boomers, remember 1968 and what we did when we had enough of a war we didn’t understand and were lied to about. When we had had enough of the hypocrisy of the ‘establishment’ we did something. It took a little time to figure out what, but we talked and organized and marched and finally protested. An all before the internet and social media. So what if we have a hard time getting out? So What! If your reading this there are things you can do. You can find out who to send a letter to, or you can send an email. You can notice and correct false postings and demand citations for fact checking. You can become a volunteer fact checker.

MAGA has had everything it’s own way so far. It thinks it owns the old white vote. Well this is one old white male they don’t own. Not even close. I stand with the teenagers and twenty somethings of today. I will not let MAGA make the word of America mean ‘nothing’. America stands for something. It stands for ideals so great we have yet to be worthy of them. It challenges us every day in every way to live up to what being an American means. Our honor has been sullied and it is up to each and every one of us to do our bit, no mater how small, it all maters.

They say to Make America Great Again. They used it as a marketing slogan…that was their mistake. America is Great because Americans are great and it is time to show these snake oil salesmen just how a a rail feels to ride.

“No me, Dem’s do it!”

One of my mothers favorite story’s to tell about myself and my Coz Sherry is when we were both still toddlers.  We had both been put down in a crib for a nap together.  My Momma and Sherry’s then when into the kitchen for coffee.  A little while later they hear a crash from the room we’d been put down in.  On entering the room they see the crib collapsed on the floor with Sherry standing holding on to the bars of the crib.  As soon as Sherry saw our mothers in the door she said “No Me! Gim do it!”  I was still laying down looking totally shocked from the rude awakening.

I tell this story because this is just what the GOP and the current Administration are saying about the current Cruel and Immoral policy of separating children from their parents.  The GOP say’s it all the fault of the ‘liberals’, and/or Democrats and/or Clintons who created the law they are only inforceing.  The problem facing the Administration & the GOP is the same as the one faced by my Cuz, the evidence puts to lie, totally, what they are saying.

Make no mistake, this policy is totally the responsibility of the current administration and all those Republicans who support it.  It is cruel.  It is immoral.  It is wrong and it is totally Un-American.  Be sure, America is watching, America knows who did this and who to hold responsible.

November is coming and this election is going to be about just what America stands for.  This tragic event has put the one overriding issue in clear focus.  What kind of America are we?  Are we the America of the Statue of Liberty or the America of Trump!  It is time to stand up and be counted.



True Colors

Yesterday we got to see the true colors of Senate Majority Leader McConnel and it wasn’t  pretty .   During the heated debate over the Ratification of fellow Senator Jeff Sessuins to be our next AG he invoked rule 19 to force Senator Warren to sit down and shut out.  The cause of his outrage was Senator Warren reading into the record a letter from Cotetta Scott King,  opposing Sessions nomination to a federal judgeship back in the 1980’s.  Then, in the exact same debate, Senator Jeff Merkley (D-Or) read in the exact same letter, with the exact same wording with out so much as a peep out of the  sensitive Majority Leader. (Please note that there are, as of this writing, multiple reports of other Senators also reading into the record this same letter)

The Senator has shown to all his true Colors, now all we need to do is figure out what those colors are.  To aid in this I would like to quote the worlds greatest detective:

Once you have  eliminated the impossible,

What ever is left  hast  to be the answer .

Given that this letter has been read into the Senate record with out objection by two other Senators, both men, it is safe to say it was not just the verbiage of the letter that so offended the Honorable Senator. If it had been he should have also risen in objection to both Senator Merkly and Udal.  He did not!

So if it was not the text of the letter it has to have been something else, such as the delivery or the person reading.  As to the delivery of the reading of the letter what I have heard of Senator Warrens read, while it was not in the classic style of reading something into the record for forms sake, that is a dry,  bored drone we all know so well.  The worst that can be said it was forceful and  impassioned. So I can see nothing in the delivery that would call for invoking Rule 19.

So what are we left with, either it was Senator Warren, herself that the Majority Leader found objectionable or it hast to be that it was a woman who was saying these things.  At this moment I have no evidence to decide which is right.  So I ask you Senator McConnel, which is it?

Was it that you could not stand a mere female saying something about a fellow man and you thought in this new age of Trump no one would dare call it out?

Or was this just you exercising your power in a small petty way to embarrass a fellow senator you happen to be at odds with?

Say It Ain’t So

Say it ain't so, Joe.I selected this plaintiff cry from a young baseball fan from almost a hundred years ago for a good reason.  I am asking everyone out there who reads this and for the past eight years have talked so strongly about how corrupt, unethical, criminal, etc the Democrats in congress, POTUS, Hillary Clinton, etc was, is to now to do something both very hard and very easy.

If you live in a state with even one Republican Senator, please contact them, phone is best (it is the ‘hottest’ medium) but email will do, and tell them you want them to insist that every one of POTUS-Elect Trumps nominations must compleate the Office of Government Ethics review(s) before they will progress past the  Committee  hearings.  Do this for for two very good reasons.  First, and foremost it is the right thing do.  You and every other American deserves people in government who can unabashedly show history.  Who can smile and say, “See I did all this and I have everything to be proud about it.”  This is after all this is what you were asking of the last Admenistration so why not use this opportunity to show you mean what you have said.

This leads us to the second reason to do what I am asking.  Show us that it is not “Just Politics” when you told us that you opposed Hillary because she was ‘crooked’.  You have an excellent opportunity to take the high ground in new year, new congress and new Admenistration.  You can show anyone who will bother to look that you believe in what you have said about honesty and eithics so much you will hold those who you believe in and support to the same standards you have held others too.

If you do this and if the Repubican controlled Senate does it you will be able to put to LIE those of the left you say you are just a bunch of hypocrites.  So I challenge you, Do you really so believe what you have been saying for ever so long.  Are you strong enough, brave enough, believe in your rhetoric enough to put your words to the test.

I wait with bated breath.


“the Fraternal Order of Them What Has Been Shot At”

Bill Mauldin
Bill Mauldin

This is the 95th anniversary of the armistice that we mark the end of “The Great War”.  Since WWII we have used this day to honor all who serve in our national military.  Me, I take this day to give special honor & thanks to all those who are, as Bill Maulden called members of  “the Fraternal Order of Them What Has Been Shot At”.  For me, this order includes all those who got close enough to the enemy (AKA Other Guys) to be shot at, and were.

So join me in a hearty and sincere ‘Well Done’  & ‘I remember’ to all those who really know what war is all about.