Say It Ain’t So

Say it ain't so, Joe.I selected this plaintiff cry from a young baseball fan from almost a hundred years ago for a good reason.  I am asking everyone out there who reads this and for the past eight years have talked so strongly about how corrupt, unethical, criminal, etc the Democrats in congress, POTUS, Hillary Clinton, etc was, is to now to do something both very hard and very easy.

If you live in a state with even one Republican Senator, please contact them, phone is best (it is the ‘hottest’ medium) but email will do, and tell them you want them to insist that every one of POTUS-Elect Trumps nominations must compleate the Office of Government Ethics review(s) before they will progress past the  Committee  hearings.  Do this for for two very good reasons.  First, and foremost it is the right thing do.  You and every other American deserves people in government who can unabashedly show history.  Who can smile and say, “See I did all this and I have everything to be proud about it.”  This is after all this is what you were asking of the last Admenistration so why not use this opportunity to show you mean what you have said.

This leads us to the second reason to do what I am asking.  Show us that it is not “Just Politics” when you told us that you opposed Hillary because she was ‘crooked’.  You have an excellent opportunity to take the high ground in new year, new congress and new Admenistration.  You can show anyone who will bother to look that you believe in what you have said about honesty and eithics so much you will hold those who you believe in and support to the same standards you have held others too.

If you do this and if the Repubican controlled Senate does it you will be able to put to LIE those of the left you say you are just a bunch of hypocrites.  So I challenge you, Do you really so believe what you have been saying for ever so long.  Are you strong enough, brave enough, believe in your rhetoric enough to put your words to the test.

I wait with bated breath.