The Purpose of Power

“The Puropse of Power is Power!”

Until I got the idea for this post I had thought this quote was from George Owell’s novel “1984”.  It is not.  As far as I can see I t is of my own creation.  I still like it.  It is so much more powerful (sic) than the actual quote from 1984: “The object of Power is Power”.  So why am I writing  this, now, this minute?

I write about power because I have been ready so much online about the new House Rule the GOP caucus leadership is proposing that will punish any House member who Films, photographs, or streams any House Floor protests.  Most of the postings are trying to explaine or understand just why the GOP leadership would be doing this.  It is such a blatant use of power by the majority on the minority for so little effect that many are puzzled on why they would do it.

It is very simple, “The Purpose of Power, is Power”.  If you have power it serves no purpose if you don’t use it.  Like energy, political power exits in two very distinct states, it is either “Potential” or “Kinetic”.  By “Kinetic” I don’t mean moving but rather being active.  Like potential energy, potential power it is virtually undetectable.  We know it is there, but we can not measure it.  We know it is there, we can calculate how much it is there, but we can not  actually show it is there until is is actually used.  This need to use power to Know it is actually there is why the GOP House Leadership is taking this action.

Most students of politics, both practical and theoretical, will tell you that the best, most effective, way to test just how much actual power you have is to demonstrate, use, it on something small, and really trivial.  Something you really don’t need to do, but will show everyone who is watching who has the power and willing to use it.  Traditionally in the Congress this demonstration was done in assigning Office Space, size and location of offices, and Parking spaces, convince and walking distance.  These tow have already been done to the max since the GOP took control so they are not available for this new Congress.  So they had to come up with something and this new rule is it.

Do not be misled, this new rule was meant to send a message, it just wasn’t meant for the Democratic Caucus.  It is really meant for the Caucus’ that make up the Republican Caucus.  It is a clear and simple statement, behave or we will punish you.  An why would the Caucus leadership feel the need to send such a message?  My theory is that the Republican Caucus Leadership is not nearly as secure in its control as they want everyone to belieave.  The need to start cracking the whip now to keep everyone in line or it all can come apart on them.  The need to use the power now or it all may become ephemeral and leave them hanging.

Coming soon: “Why I think the Republican Leadership is not really all that secure.”