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A Nightmare for MAGA and Pres. Trump

Another Thought Experiment

Once more we are diving into the dark and murky waters of the coming Presidential Elections. In this one we will be looking at just what might be facing Donald J. Trump once he has lost the election and is out of office. We will not concern ourselves with just how he is removed and just concern ourselves with just what he might be facing.


  • V.P. Biden wins the election decisively in both the popular vote and the electoral collage
  • The GOP is decisively defeated in both the House of Representatives and the Senate (the Democrats do not loose a single seat in the Senate and gain all possible tossup seats)
  • Donald J Trump does everything he can to confuse the election, including getting contested delegations of Electors from several states.
  • All of the ‘criminal’ investigations being conducted are investigating actual activities and actions that have taken place, and have available sufficient evidence to bring charges against Donald J Trump.
  • Trump knows and understands just exactly what the previous postulate means for both him.

The above is not the results of what some may call a “Blue Tsunami” but is still a crushing victory. While the Democrats do hold control of both houses of Congress they do not hold such a large majority as to be able to do what they want without any votes from the GOP. That is, they hold less that 291 seats in the House and less than 67 seats in the Senate. But their control is such that there is very little the GOP can do to stop any investigations into both the activities of the Trump administration or the actions of the Senate while they had control.

What would be facing the former Trump administration is an set of investigations that would make the investigations into the Harding Administration look like a child’s Tea Party. Just to name a few of the possible investigations:

  1. The ICE “Detention” of minor undocumented imagrents
  2. The Actions of the A.G. Barr in regards to investigations into activities of “Friends of Trump”
  3. Was the Roger Stone Pardon given for unlawful reasons?
  4. The actions both on and off the bench of all of the Judges appointed by Trump and confirmed by the Senate who were rated as “Unqualified” by the ABA

To add a little hate to the game I even tho the Republican defeat was not a “Blue Tsunami” it still would be quite devastating if few non-MAGA members of the party are left. Those GOP office holders would be faced with a very hard Choice in the coming elections. An some of them know enough of their political history to recognize just what may happen. The GOP may go the way of the Federalist Party and the Wig Party. To find this off they will have to take control back from the MAGA GOP and this will not be easy. They will most likely face the same problems the Democrats faced with their Dixiecrats staged their rebellion. An that will mean a very long time in the wildernesses with out any assured victory at the end.

It will also be painful for the Republicans because they are going to have to face a “Paradigm”shift in their thinking. They will have to stop thinking that “Victory isn’t everything, It is the Only Thing” and start thinking “What are our principles?” They are going to have to accept the idea of compromise and stop believing that the only position is “My way or the Highway.” They are going to have to accept the idea (With apologies to Oliver Cromwell:

“Please in the Name of GOD consider the Possibility that you are Mistaken.”

Nightmare on Pennsylvania Av.

Some horror stores are for real.

In just over 13 months the United States may just be starting a great national nightmare. A horror store of Edgar Allan Poe proportions. We may see the ‘re-election’ of an impeached and convicted President in the person of Donald J Trump. An this may happen not only because of the devotions of MAGA but also the machinations of Russia, Iran, ISAS and other international actors in our elections.

Like most of the great horror stores this will come about despite the actions and intents of the heroes and the ‘good’ people in it. It will be seem avoidable, “If Only” was this or that done. But it will not be done. The villains and ‘bad’ people will go about their nefarious actions mostly ignored and unopposed. The majority of people effected will do nothing till too late and will stand around blaming the Heroes for not preventing it from happening. An like most of Mr. Poe’s horrors, there will be no ‘happy’ ending. Just the post credit scene where it all starts again.

So just what is the horror I see coming? Just this. For the past year many many people have been trying to get the Congress to act on the proven interference in the 2016 election by Russian national operatives. Everyone of these actions has died in the Senate where the handmaiden of MAGA and President Trump, Majority Leader McConnell has refused to bring them up for even debate. Efforts to show new efforts by Russia, Iran and others are currently being ignored. MegaCompanies like FaceBook are doing nothing to prevent any effective action to stop these activities in social media so we can not look to them for any significant action.

I see coming a wave of false and misleading social media swamping anything the mainstream Medea can report. (By the way has anybody but me ever seen the play “enemy of the people”? It seem quite appropriate for today.). I can see it now, lowest turnout in a Presidential Election in history. MAGA, the GOP and Donald J Trump swept in the largest landslide ever. Followed by the biggest crackdown on ‘illegals’, ‘sectarians’ and other ‘bad’ people by Homeland Security. Not good white Christian folk like you or me but all those ‘others’. Those LBGTQ’s who aren’t really Americans. I can see it now: everyone being sure to ware their MAGA hats, buttons, etc. Every business with it’s framed autographed picture of the Great Businessman Donald J Trump.

And times will be good in the Stock Market, of course it won’t be so great in the farm belt, or in manufacturing. An the pharmaceutical s will start hurting when most people can’t buy any of the meds they need. But it will make a nice little boom in the mortuary business. An construction will be booming once Southern Florida start really flooding. Not sure what will happen once President Trump dies in his second or third term, or will we have terms by then? It shouldn’t be. Too hard to get an amendment thru to make the Presidency a life term. Just look at how much easier things will be when the Congress gets to select who the V.P. Will be every time the President dies in office, no more Presidential Elections, ever.

An of course we will have to do something about all the ‘Fake News’ out there. Maybe we will set up a Department of Real News, or maybe Truth, or Altnews? Yeah, Department of AltNews, that’s the ticket.