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On being a Snowflake

Recently it has become quit vogue with many in the conservative set to call those to the left of them “Snowflakes”.  They mean it as an insult, and unfortunately too many of my fellow progressives and liberals are taking it as such.  They should not.  We need to  ware it with pride as a symbol of our innate strength.  Here is why.

Yes, individually snowflakes are easily destroyed.  Just a little blast of heated rhetoric and we all to often melt. But when we come together we are a force to contend with. When we are blown by the winds of discontent we become a blizzard that blind and freezes anyone foolish enough to appose us. But we don’t need the wind, we just need to stand togeather as one. We are mighty, we have weight and perseverance. An when someone is dumb enough to make a noise that movies us we rush down the mountainside and  bury them. We are both beautiful and silent in are coming and we are relentless in the persuit of our goals.

We come as the promise of the rental of spring after the fall of summer. We are the sign of the rest need for the coming spring. Our passing brings the clear fresh water of the lakes and streams that Roar with our great energy.  We are Snowflakes, we come in flurries we came in blizzard.  We stay and protect the weak safe and snug in there homes while the predictors walk upon us and bother us not.

We are Snowflakes and we are mighty!