What the Donald hath wrought

For the past few days a great deal has been written and said about Donald Trump’s statement about women who get abortions should be punished, even for murder.  I’m not goi g to debate whether he said  what is being attributed. Personally, I was watching the interview and heard what Mr. Trump said.  So let’s look at the real issue here.  If abortion is made a crime and that persons who perform the abortion can be punished for the act of performing an abortion; where does that leave the person who had the abortion?

To make things simple for our discussion lets go with the hypothetical case where you are a legal person from the moment of conception (not a position I would take but it will simplify out reasoning).  This means that any medical procedure that would result in the death of the embryo- fetus- baby, would be in facade, a type of homicide aka murder.  In fact most abortion procedures now in use would be considered ‘willful and deliberate’, or ‘with premeditation ‘.  In jurisdictions where the death penalty are still used, this would be just the kind of crime the death penalty was intended for. So anyone performing an abortion would be guilty of the worst kind of homicide.

So let’s go with this case:  A person contracts with another person for that person to dire earthly kill a third person.  Would not that first person February just as guilty of murder as the second person who actually committed the merder.  In ever jurisdiction I know about this is the case.  If you arrange for someone to kill another person you are just as guilty as the person who did the actual act.

Therefore, if abortion is an act of homicide and the person conducting the abortion is guilty of homicide, then the person contracting (arranging) the abortion is also guilty of homicide.

Any questions?