What’s with the Anti-Trump

I’m Back!  I shan’t bother to issue any of standard apologies people make in this situation and just say I had my reasons and I’m sorry it took me so long to get back.

It has been a week since Supper Tuesday and I’ve got my ear to the ground and watching what is happening.  I fear we, the USA electorate, are living thru the Great Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times and people in high places know your name.”  But more of that latter.  On to what is happening.

First and foremost there is the “Stop Trump” and/or the “Anybody but Trump” agitation in the media.  Late me be clear, I am a California Democrat.  It is almost a total certainty that I will have no say in who the GOP selects as it’s candidate.  First, because there is no chance this side of Hell that I’d switch parties before June.  Secondly, California comes last for the GOP and therefor will most likely it will be all over but the shouting.

I have been aware of politics on the Presidential level since 1964 when one of my classes, American history if my memory services, had us color in a map of the states showing who won what states. (I used gold for Goldwater). By 1968 I was vitally interested in the election as by that time I had already lost two friends to Nam and was turning 18 next spring.  I was passionatly patriotic and passionately anti-war.  Being so confused I naturally became a Demicrat, all though I was ‘Clean for Gene’.   I have never looked back.

So what does this have to do with Trump?  Everything.  Since I first voted for President I have voted three times for the Republican candidate.  An all three times it came down to the same basic reason; the Republican could do the job better.  I was wrong only once, the first time when I voted for Nixon.  I new he was a ‘crook’, but I thought he was a ‘smart crook’.  He wasn’t.  I won’t go into the “why and wherefores” of the Fall Of Nixon, for me it was all about hubris.  So what I have to say to all of you out there is simply this ‘when you vote please look carefully at the candidates and think’.

Remeber that your vote is more than just a protest.  It is more that shouting “I’m mad as hell and won’t take it any more.”  The person just may be the next President and we will have to live with that for the next four years.  Just what kind of Presidentcy will we have with Trump in office?  Remeber this is a Promoter, a showman, with no expreance with having to get along with people to get things done.  Think about the kind of people who will support him in the House and Senate and do you really want them controlling your life.  Think about the kind of White House he will build (his staff and advisers) and what will happen in an administration where all failures will be the fault of an underling and all success’ go to Trump.  Don’t think about ideology yet, first look at what kind of Predident the candidate will make.  Then if your lucky you’ll end up with one or two candidates who look good and now look at their ideology.  Remember, no mater what the ideology of the President, he/she still has to work with the Congress and the Court.