14 day’s and counting

It is exactly 14 days till Election Day 2018!  That is November 6th.  In many states you can already be voting.  If fact the early voting turnout is record breaking is many places.  I urge everyone reading this to get out and vote.

50 years ago, 1968, I could not yet vote but that election was vitally important to me.  The war in Vet Nam was raging and already I had lost people to it.  Most people did not understand why we were fighting in that far off land.  Many of the reason given by our leaders made no since to those who had to fight it.  Most of the people being drafted were much too young to vote (yes the voting age was 21 way back then).

This was also a time of great unrest in the south and in all of the Black communities thru out the land.  For over a hundred years they had the “Vote” only to have it suppressed with literacy tests, threats and other shenanigans.  Finally they had had enough and started marching to end the  charades of the “Colored Vote”.

This was also the time, once again, that women, once more began to be restive.  Yes, they had the Vote but still, in many places, like California, they could not be a legal ‘person’ if they married.  Believe it or not they were, in the eyes of the law, their husband.

There was great unrest in the land, and the people VOTED.  Maybe we didn’t get exactly what we wanted but we VOTED and we excepted the vote.  Some voted with their heart, some with their heads, some voted their self interest, some voted  oppress and others to free.  But they VOTED.

Make no mistake about it, this Mid-Term election of 2018 is going to make the history books.  The times are achangin’ for good or ill.  Your voice maybe small but when joined with others it can be a mighty host.

So get out and Vote.