Seven Days and counting

It is now seven days till we will be voting and one week since my last post. An “Boy Howdy” have things moved on. We have had better than siz days of fear generated by someone who tried to at  least, to terrorize us, if not outright blow people he hated up.  We had someone who could not get into a “black” church go elsewhere and shoot two people just for being black. An finally we have someone who did get into a place of worship and kill eleven and wound may more on Saturday, just because he was told the Jews were taking over the world.

While the extreme conservatives right does not have a monopoly on this kind of terrorist acts, in this country they do have seem to have a lock on the market.  Ever since the mid 1960’s when I became aware of these kinds of acts I’ve made a small study of the subject.  I recognize that on the extreme left we have had the SLA and the Weathermen all in all the extreme left have been pikers when compared to the extreme right.  Both in numbers killed or wounded and in number of events the Right totally overwhelms the left.  If you think I’m wrong, when please, I really do want your input, post here all the events you think the extreme left did that are on the same order as what was done this past week.  Please, also post every left group you think should be classified as a hate group.  Do limit yourself to the same standards you want applied to the right.

Finally if you haven’t voted yet know this, everyone who does not vote is actually voting for things to stay the same.  Know that if you don’t vote you are doing exactly what those who have created the people who commit theses terrorist acts want.  An yes I do think there are people out there who are creating the  hatred, fear, and loathing that motivated these people to act.  These are people who benefit from the electorate being afraid, be they on the political left or right.  It Does Not Mater!  They aren’t really politically motivated.  They are motivated by POWER.  They have it, they want it, and they will do what ever they need to to keep it.

So Vote and don’t vote in fear, for your fear of the dreaded “Other” is what they want.  Vote for the person who actually has acted and done what you wanted your political representatives to do.  Not what they say they have done, or will do, but what they have actually done.  It is in the public record.  You can find out. Don’t just except what you are told.



 Just because you’ve been told to drink the Koolaid

doesn’t mean you have to.