No, it’s not silly

Warning: This posting will be taken as an attack by the more sensitive Alt Right.


Some people who have read my last posting about Donald Trump’s refusal to accept the results of the election except if he wins as being silly.  I want to make it very clear.  Anyone who thinks that I was being silly or taking exception to Donald Trumps statement is silly are very much in error.

It is anything but silly.  Anyone who does not accept the rules of how we, the United States of America, perform our elections is a clear danger to this country and everything we have worked for since 1776. Refusing to accept the results, win loose or draw means you don not believe in democracy.  It also means you have no idea just how this country runs it’s elections and just how impossible it would be to rig the election of the Presedent.  Not counting the commonwealth there are 50, 50!, separate States running the elections.  To rig the election in even a majority, by electoral votes, of these states would require a conspiracy of such magnitude it would stager the imagination.  To do so with absolutely no credibil evidence seeing the light of day boarders on the paranoid.

To those who still think that Donald Trump is correct in not accepting the election results I wish to say just this.  Why should those who support Hillary Clinton accept the results it Donald Trump happens to win?  Indeed, why should the other 16 Republican candidates in the primary have accepted any of the results in the state primaries?  After all Donald Trump was thought to be a bad joke for much of the process.  By saying you don’t accept the results you are saying you are no longer willing to be a part of the process. An this road leads to  ruin for this country you say you love.

I am not being extreme here.  If you are unwilling to accept the results of an election when there is no credible evidence of wrong doing you are taking the first step down a path you may not want to go.  An no, this is not the informal logical fallacy of “slippery slope”.  Rather it is to point out that it is a diagnostic of the loss of faith in the electoral process and this loss has been shown to lead to very troubled time for any democracy that has suffered it.  We may come out of this better off, we may come out worse off, I don’t know.  I do know that all too often the process will be very painful for all involved.

This is why I hope to see Mr. Trump to loose by the largest popular vote in the history of this country.  I want to see the largest turnout in history.  I want the vote spread to be the largest in history.  In this way we, the American Electorate can show in the clearest manner possible that we still have faith in our electoral process.

Inclosing I can just say this:

Get Out and Vote on or before November 8th!

2 thoughts on “No, it’s not silly

  1. According to some of the reports, as a Bernie person, I have more to be upset with than any Trump person. Some of the polls were real close, and there were some questionable vote counts. But Hillary got enough early votes, that it was an uphill struggle, that turned out to be too much.
    That said – Hillary is way ahead in these polls, and she has sent a more positive message.
    Sorry Trump, You are Fired!

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