Betraying Trump



This is going to be short and to the point.  I’m not saying in the title to this post to betray Trump.  I am saying Donald Trump is betraying both the Democracy he wishes to become the Presedent and he is also the GOP.  Last night Trump stated clearly and for the record that he Would Not accept the results of the election.  Today he said what he meant was that he would except the results, but only if he won.

This should and a hope and pray will, disqualify him for the Presedntcy.  I fear what his followers will do if and when he looses.  I fear what kind of party will rise out of the ashs of the Republican Party (I have seen the GOP rise from the ashs before so I am fully confident it is capable of doing this now). I will make no predictions here and now.  I just want to go on the record that I have not been this worried about my country since the Nixon Impeachment. When for a time we had no idea if Nixon would backdown or fight.  That is how frightend I am.  I hope and pray I’m borrowing trouble.