On Anger and Fear in the Politics today

I have been puzzling quite a bit for the past few weeks, months really, about all of the vitrol I’m seeing in the political debate this year.  I’ve been aware of presidental politics since 1964 and really paying attention to politics since 1967.  An except for the very bad years of of the late 60’s I don’t think I’ve ever seen such anger, and fear,  being spewed forth.  Maybe it is just that it is so much easier now, with all the social media and cable news to just see it, but I fear this is not the case.  I think my, our, country is for a very ruff row to howe for the next few years.

Let me state right now, as clearly as I can that what I say now is not to place blame, or fault.  It is merely to state where I’m seeing the anger now.  Nor will I attempt to state why this fear and anger are present, that is for a later post after I’ve done a great deal more research. For now I wish just to point out where I am seeing it now, this election, today.

I know, even as I write this that a lot of people, people I call friends, are going to be saying I am attacking them.  I AM NOT.  What I’m attempting to do is pointing out that I see they have a splinter in their eye and asking if I can help them remove it.  Hopefully they will do the same for me.  I know that most people who are angry will feel attacked when told they are angry or when they are disagreed with.  What I and asking is let me help you.  Tell me what you are angry about, maybe I can suggest something that will help you be less angry.  Maybe, if we are lucky solve what ever is making you angry and then you can no longer be angry.  This is not easy in politics.

You first must admit, if only to yourself, that you are mad as hell.  But in stead of saying “I’m not getting over it” you need to say “hear what I’m trying to say”.  If you do I promise to do my best not to take your anger personally but please make my life easier by not venting your anger at me. (Unless of course I am the reason your angry.). I think our problem on the right right now is we have a whole lot of people who are very angry and they really haven’t thought about just what they are angry about.  What has happen is a great many people who should know better have said “Your Mad As Hell and here is some one, or something, to aim you anger at”.   So I am asking “Who or what are you so angry at.”  An “Why are you so Angry?”  Tell me, so I can have a chance to help.

If you don’t talk to me about your anger there is very little I can do to help.  An sadly it is most likely your anger will fester until it does both you, me, and our nation harm.  Please don’t let this happen.