The corporate vail

With all of the talk about Wells Fargo’s actions in the news and how the Corporate Sr. management is skating any legal or financial responsibility I’d like to put in my two cents worth.  Lets just change how the corporate vail works.  Lets just change one thing.  If the state or the plantif can not show that the Sr. Management did not know, and that under ‘normal’ business pratictics would not know that the unlawful acts done in the company name then those same Sr. Execs would be guilt of gross malfeasances and be subject to termination and forfeiture of all payments and/or benifets from the date of the first infraction.  I think this will encourage the execs to be more watchful.  This rule should be applied to every manager from the first manager above the level of the corporate structure the infraction(s) occurred at be applied to all management, including board members but not general stock holders, to the highest exec.